How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium – Helpful Guide

Maintaining a Freshwater fish tank; no! Be it any fish tank is not as easy as it seems especially when it is your first one. As you don’t have any personal experience before starting it, things get messed up, and they often go in unexpected directions as you want them to go.

While water levels, Live Rock, changing water duration, gravel, plantations, light fixtures, decorations have their complications, the most important part is choosing the right kind of inhabitants. But, how do we know how to choose fish for freshwater aquariums? Well, we don’t.

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We will start with acquiring the best knowledge about the available and prominent fish and then start selecting the suitable fish, our way. Have a look:

How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium

Step by step procedure to choose the right fish for freshwater aquarium:

  1. Determine the size: Initially; you need to know about the size of your aquarium. This will narrow down the type of fish you are looking for because some fish usually need a lot of space and some live only in schools. Some freshwater aquarium fish are a foot long while some are small but they need more circulation. Check the fish tank range to get a tank if you haven’t bought one yet.
  2. Study about fish: The next step involves getting knowledge about fish. Get books on freshwater species and read about them. Read about how to feed them, what are the types and colors and also read about their excretion processes.
  3. Know whether the fish is aggressive or defensive: Sometimes the fish you like turn out to be aggressive or semi aggressive. In other times, they are defensive and almost hide in the gravel for the most part of the day. Aggressive fish tend to fight a lot, and some fish are super social. Therefore, you need to know their character before placing them.
  4. Breeding: Breeding of fish is not simple. When they breed, they get aggressive which might create hassles for other fish. Also, make sure that you have a plan or a different habitat for the baby fish after the breeding. Research on the sexual dimorphism before buying them.
  5. Food: 70% of the fish live on the regular flakes, but there are many other things like blood worms that they love to eat. Some fish like the knife fish only eat live food while some eat invertebrates. Also notice that few fish might last a day or a week without eating while some die even when you don’t feed them a day.
  6. Maintenance: Find out how much amount you have to invest in maintaining the fish. There are easy fish and the hard fish. For example, a hard fish needs water changes very frequently. They carry diseases easily and requires more effort.
  7. Buying: Don’t get the fish just anywhere you want. Fishes are not simple pets, and you can’t just buy them from anyone. Also, don’t spend more money on cheaper fish. Find a significant store and buy the fish you love same like you buy fish tank of 55 gallon size.
  8. Community Tank: If you want a community, make sure that you only place compatible species together with similar requirements and habits to balance the ecosystem inside. Don’t put goldfish with bettas or don’t put aggressive fish with fish that swim slower.
  9. Join forums: If you are getting troubled in finding the best fish you want or to find which fish are compatible with other fish, you can try an online forum to get advice from people who are already experienced.

Final Thoughts For Choosing Fish For Freshwater Aquarium

Therefore, follow the above mentioned steps and choose the most suitable fish for your freshwater tank and get the best out of your tank even as a beginner. We hope our this guide “How to Choose Fish for a Freshwater Aquarium” has helped you. Don’t forget to share our useful stuff.

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